If you’ve made it to the Dot Com lifestyle — or if you’re on your way — you got there by having instant access to information and knowing how to take action.

But it’s still cool whenever you can make life’s little pleasures more satisfactory and little tasks even simpler.

With that in mind, here are a dozen useful tips to zip up those minor moments

1. A cure for that cardboard taste the next day

2. Take a hint from lamplighters in the days of yore

3. Avoid a reheat from becoming a re-reheat

4. Neutralize the wiseacres

5. Add panache to your snacking

6. All you need to do is remember where you put it

7. Just possibly the smartest hack in the batch

8. The perfect segue to mention your administrative skills

9. Don’t forget to follow-through

10. In the age of smartphones, a real reason to have post-it notes

11. Just know that it’s also wise to inhale at some point

12. Obviously, being on an airplane is optional


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