Ask anyone who’s achieved the Dot Com lifestyle. There’s no such thing as being an overnight success.

They took action and maintained the momentum.

Those who never get there are prisoners of drastic action. Their motivation ebbs and flows as they chase change in short-term whims.

Life rarely works that way. The irony is, almost all of us know it.

And yet, what happens?


This is also a disturbing pattern for our health, and those who are working to realize the Dot Com lifestyle can be more susceptible to it than most.

Success comes by developing a plan of action. Wellness must be a part of it, which is why it has its own section in an e-commerce entrepreneurial site. It doesn’t have to be an intense activity, just a steady one.

The key to healthy living is making small changes and sticking with them. Here are just a few simple ways to improve your lifestyle. Small changes lead to big results!

1. Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

At any given stage of life, 50%-75% of the body is water. Stay topped up.

Drink it with a slice of lemon or lime if you don’t like its natural taste. Water helps to clear our system, bring on the metabolism rate, and flush out toxins.

Some people even say that it helps to reduce weight.


2. Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep ultimately takes its toll on concentrate your attention. Lack of sleep can also damage your physical damage your heart, which is not to be taken lightly.

Some studies have shown that eight hours of sleep per 24-hour period is the average requirement for adults. But everyone’s different; it’s sufficient REM that counts.

If you’re feeling sleepy during 4:00pm and 6:00pm, you’re probably not getting enough rest.


3. Stretch in the Morning

Instead of snoozing in the morning, work in a more efficient use time.

Stretch your back, your legs, and your neck. It’ll wake your body from sleep. Stretching in the morning increases blood flow to your muscles, providing an extra shot of oxygen and preparing them for a new day.


4. Snack the Healthy Way

No one needs to be told that potato chips, salted nuts, candies, cookies, and other tasty stuff are definitely unhealthy for their body.

They contain strong doses fat, salt, and sugar.

Choose raw nuts, fresh fruits, or berries instead. They’ve got flavor, too, and they’re rich in vitamins and minerals.


5. Eat Breakfast

It actually is the most important meal of the day, especially for weight loss seekers.

If you skip it, you’ll get hungry long before lunch and will relapse into snacking on foods that are high in fat and sugar, but low in vitamins.

Researchers at the 2003 American Heart Association conference reported that breakfast eaters are significantly less likely to be obese and get diabetes compared with breakfast abstainers.


It’s not a schedule killer to get up 15 minutes earlier to fix a fix a healthy dish, like an omelette with vegetables or fruit salad with yogurt.

6. Take a Daily Walk

No one needs to be told about the advantages of physical activity, but it’s ‘way too easy to claim there’s no time for it when working to achieve the Dot Com lifestyle beckons.

Here’s the irony to that rationalization: taking time for a stroll is the first sign you’re getting there.

Use any possibility to be more physically active. For example:

  • Take the stairs as often as possible instead of the elevator,
  • Take a walk with your friends,
  • Take a walk to collect your thoughts on the day’s tasks, and/or
  • Walk your dog a bit longer.

Researchers say that people only need to walk up to 12 miles per week — that’s only about 30 minutes a day — to improve their heart health.


7. Make Social Connections

It is said that lonely people are more likely to become ill and die younger.

This shouldn’t be tough. After all, a key part of your entrepreneurial plan is being on social media!

People who have no friends are more stressed, depressed and often less physically active. Moreover, experts say that how socially connected a person tends to be is one of the most important ways of predicting health and independence in later years.


8. Study Ingredient Lists of Your Favorite Products

A quick label study shows whether the food you’re about to buy contains unnatural and unhealthy stuff.

There are hundreds — maybe even thousands — of unhealthy ingredients on the market and it is almost impossible to remember all of them. Luckily, there’s a wealth of information on the Internet, so study all of your favorite and most common foods, cosmetics and other products you consistently buy.

Harmful ingredients may cause various ailments, from allergic reactions to cancer.


9. Find New Activities

To achieve the Dot Com lifestyle, you’ve got to draw a distinction between a business and a hobby.

So find a real hobby. It can provide enjoyment and reduce stress.

Remember, happy people live longer! Just keep the joy commensurate.


10. Love Your Life

Relax! Don’t get nervous and angry because of the trivial things.

Don’t be too serious. Smile, appreciate others, and always look on the bright side of life!


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